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December 18th apparently.

No scrums, mauls, showers or pints (currently).

Other Senior Rugby / Is modern rugby more exciting?
« on: November 26, 2020, 01:02:25 PM »
I got into a bit of a debate on twitter.

One bloke was basically saying that rugby today is much better than anything you see in the 80s and 90s (as the highlights you witness are the best of that time - which I completely understand). My opinion was that rugby today is more sterile, has far too many stoppages and the games last forever (TMO, scrum resets etc). I gave one example of the RWC Opening game vs Fiji which lasted over 100 minutes (he disagreed as he has seen a game of it on youtube and said it was 90 minutes). I corrected him with a live match update from the Guardian which shows the game lasted 103 minutes. Line here: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/live/2015/sep/18/england-v-fiji-rugby-world-cup-live


Is the game more or less exciting these days? The game has changed so much (even from the early 00s) and I put most of this blame around the set piece and TMO. We can always disagree with opinions but you can't ever change my mind that watching a game is as open and asexciting as even 15-20 years ago, let alone the matches I've watched from the 80's and 90's.


Other Senior Rugby / Re: NZ v Argentina
« on: November 21, 2020, 09:38:26 AM »
Watching the Argentina v Australia game. Last play of the first half and Australia score a try. The last pass leading to the try was clearly, CLEARLY a forward pass. The TJ is in line with it and the referee is in a good position. Why oh why, do we waste a minute of celebrating when the players deep down kow it was forward?

Can officials no longer make on field decisions? I’d scrap TMO tomorrow if I could. When it was first brought in it was great - but now it’s for every decision. It’s ruining rugby and it’s now ruining football too. The only sport it works in is cricket - and even then - it’s up to the captain’s jurisdiction if it is used. Can a review system not be implemented in rugby?

Other Senior Rugby / Re: NZ v Argentina
« on: November 15, 2020, 09:32:43 AM »
Haven’t seen it but my jaw dropped when I saw the result, first back to back defeat for the All Blacks  since 2011. I wonder when they last lost 3 in a row and what the odds are in a home Argentina win next week are....?

Durham & Northumberland One / Re: Contact Rugby back in January ?
« on: November 15, 2020, 09:29:31 AM »
Seems rather sensible

Durham & Northumberland Three / Re: Seghill in trouble?
« on: November 03, 2020, 08:19:32 PM »
It’s funny. I was doing some rugby history research today and in 1928 Seghill were top of the 1st XV Merit Table that season, having only lost once out of 20. They were way ahead of clubs like Gosforth (now Falcons), Hartlepool Rovers, Northern, West Hartlepool and anyone else you can think of!

I know most clubs are pretty much there or thereabouts where they’ve been in the last 20-40 years but in sport anything can happen and we can all dream.

Who’s to say clubs currently in DN3 won’t one day be competing in DN1 or NE1 and winning major club honours in future and that those stronger clubs may hit tougher times and their playing records suffer?

It’ll be interesting to come back to this post in many years time, due to the indelibility of the internet, and see how some clubs are faring!

Hopefully Seghill will be marching back to those heady days again in future. We’ll have rugby again soon!

Other Senior Rugby / Re: 6 Nations 2020
« on: October 31, 2020, 09:23:18 PM »
7 months later....

Predictions for this weekend?

Wales v Scotland. I’ll go for a Scottish upset.

Italy v England. England BP.

France v Ireland. The big one. I think Ireland will do it and win the championship on points scored (by under 5 points difference...)

2 out of 3 correct. 30 mins left in the France game. Can the French do it....?

Inevitable. I still think (Hope) we may get a few old school friendlies in place in April/May.

Durham & Northumberland Three / Re: Seghill in trouble?
« on: October 29, 2020, 09:37:27 AM »
Very glad to hear it’s just the rumour mill!

If any clubs ever are struggling this is a great platform to spread the message for help and support.

We get thousands of views a day; more than plenty of clubs’ twitters and Facebook pages, and specifically targeted for a rugby audience.

Very happy to hear Seghill are okay!

Durham & Northumberland One / Re: Season Restart Poll
« on: October 29, 2020, 09:33:42 AM »

That’s why The Spectator is publishing a document which the government has not until now acknowledged the existence of: the ‘reasonable worst-case scenario’ for this coming winter. The document is on our website and makes for grim reading: 85,000 dead from a new Covid wave, about a third more than have died so far. It envisages 356,000 heading for hospital. Deaths are expected to peak at a lower rate than the first wave — but what is very different, this time, is the duration. The second wave is expected to get steadily worse until March.

This is really starting to get tiresome. However, I hope everyone stays safe over the winter. Hopefully we’ll get rugby back at some stage in 2021.

Other Senior Rugby / Re: Favourite Rugby Grounds/Clubhouses
« on: October 28, 2020, 10:53:33 AM »
Continuing on this thread, in a Facebook group called ‘Rugby Grounds of Britain’ one of the posters is looking at the 20 oldest grounds in Britain. There’s been a few mentions for DN clubs so I’ll post the relevant ones in here:

New series in which I look at the Top 20 oldest grounds. Some are famous, others obscure but all can be found in various national leagues (England to level 6). Architecturally they have all changed; there are few pre-WW1 structures left at Britain's football and rugby grounds now. So I'm concentrating on the location, ie is the same or within the vicinity (say a drop kick away). If it has totally changed then sorry Landsowne Road and The Arms Park!

So starting at no.20 is Goldington Road, home of Bedford since formation in 1886. It hosted the 1905 All Blacks and from 2008-11 the Barbarians. In the early days the club moved away but returned in 1895 to relay the pitch in almost the same place. Despite financial turmoil in 1999 the Blues are still in the town and the Championship.

I could have included Hartlepool's Victoria Ground; home of West Hartlepool from 1886-1908 it hosted 4 County Championship Finals when Durham was a strong county. Then soccer took over and West returned in 1998 for one unhappy season. Close but not quite.

Oldest grounds no.17 (part 2) ... Blackheath's Rectory Field. Steeped in history, this hosted international matches from 1886-1909 and in the 1880s four Varsity matches. The First XV moved to the club’s training ground at Well Hall in 2016 but all other club operations are still to be found here. It is also (alledgedly) where pre-Baker Street Dr Watson played his football, probably as a stocky winger. Or more likely the ancient Heath that the club previously used. Though the only evidence we have is him being tackled into touch at the Richmond Athletic Ground! Also check out the 1886 pavilion, extended in the last 30 years but essentially the same and one of the very few pre-WW1 pieces of rugby architecture left.

Also opened in 1883 is one wind-swept pitch that must be visited. In the late Victorian era Hartlepool of all places was a hotbed of rugby with lots of teams and, after the events of 1895, the only clubs that Southern teams would fear (not that they ever went that far north). Chiefly the reason Durham was dominant in the County Championship, one of the early places to see the best rugby in the north was The Old Friarage. Originally home to Hartlepool Rovers from 1883-1946, before WW1 it hosted 8 Barbarians matches (including the historic first one in 1890), Rovers & West v First All Blacks and Durham v Australia. BBOB RFC have played there since around 1965. Not far beyond the far wall is the unwelcoming north sea so on a winters day definitely a place to wrap up well. There used to be stands and car parking so it needs a leap of the imagination to see this place on a busy Edwardian Saturday.

I’ll include Whitehaven seeing as they can now get promoted into DN1.

Oldest grounds no.12 (part 1) ... those that opened in 1877. First off is Penygraig in the Rhondda Valley. One of the oldest clubs in Wales, they were also one of the first (1890s) to have capped players that weren't in a big club. They faced the first Australians in 1908, and also the first game for the touring Japan national team in 1973. The club began life here and have never moved away.

Moving further north is Whitehaven RFC who have been at The Playground/Recreation Ground since formation in 1877. It is shared with the town cricket club who moved there in 1838, 14 years after first bowling a ball. Four times winners of the Cumbria Cup, they were last in the final in 2016.

Onto the Top 10 (part 1), and the tenth oldest ground is a three-way split with all coming into play in 1875. First up is Westoe who have played at Wood Terrace since formation; they joined the local cricket club (like many) which had been going since 1850. Always part of Catherine Cookson's posh Tyneside, there are regular rumours of a move away which haven't happened yet. Nine times winners of the Durham County Cup (most recently in 2008), and 17 times finalists, the 2000s were successful with back to back championships in North East 3 and Durham/Northumberland 1, North East 1 Champions (2005), North 1 Champions (2009) and an appearance at HQ in the RFU Intermediate Cup where they lost to Morley in 2005.

Also here is Durham Racecourse, historic home of University sport till around 2009 when the 1st XV moved to nearby Durham City’s Hollow Drift ground. The changing rooms at Hollow Drift are used by both teams. Other University sports are at Maiden Castle but the rugby 2nd XV can still be found on Wednesday afternoons at the Racecourse. The land next to the River Wear has a sporting heritage going back to the 1730s and cricket from 1843. In the 1990s Durham CCC could be found here and today it hosts various University sports and the annual Miners' Gala.

The trip into the oldest rugby grounds has reached no.8 and just one today. Formerly a pit village halfway between Sunderland and Durham, Houghton le Spring's rugby club has been at Dairy Lane since the club first kicked a ball in 1873.

They reached the first Durham County Cup Final in 1881 and again a year later. They were beaten finalists a third time in 1891 at a time when Durham rugby was very strong with the Hartlepool clubs dominant to name a few. This was before the County Championship so it's not known if any Houghton players have appeared for their County but as Durham had an annual friendly with Yorkshire it's possible.

Since 1998 they have three times been promoted from Durham/Northumberland 3 and from League 2 in 2003 so they've had their moments in the black and white hoops. In the early days the pitch (part of a cricket club naturally) was quite rural but post-war housing has seen the town expand and even the nearby colliery was active just 40 years ago. The clubs is currently back in Durham/Northumberland 3.

Durham & Northumberland Three / Seghill in trouble?
« on: October 28, 2020, 10:29:25 AM »
I’ve no idea if it’s the DN rumour mill but are Seghill in trouble?

Hopefully they’re okay and they can bounce back after this dreadful year. I’m sure I and many others wouldn’t want any club to go to the wall during this crisis. If Seghill need help I’m sure there’d be some members (out of the 1400 on here) that would be willing to help them and others. I certainly would. After all, we are all rugby family!

National Leagues/North One East / Re: DMP Crowd Fund?
« on: October 27, 2020, 07:18:29 PM »
I think it’s worthy of its own thread in DN3 if it’s true?

Perhaps worth setting it up. I’d happily donate to a club like Seghill if they’re having troubles.  :(

Other Senior Rugby / Re: 6 Nations 2020
« on: October 25, 2020, 07:29:57 PM »
7 months later....

Predictions for this weekend?

Wales v Scotland. I’ll go for a Scottish upset.

Italy v England. England BP.

France v Ireland. The big one. I think Ireland will do it and win the championship on points scored (by under 5 points difference...)

National Leagues/North One East / DMP Crowd Fund?
« on: October 23, 2020, 11:56:32 AM »
DMP seemingly struggling. Presumably like a whole host of National league clubs.

Throughout the club’s 70 year history, Darlington Mowden Park has grown to be one of the largest community rugby clubs in the North East. Despite facing a number of challenges and setbacks, DMP continues to be a thriving community club with a total of 26 teams from minis & juniors through to the club’s senior, vets, 1st XV and DMP Durham Sharks sides. As a club we continue to embrace our “Mowden Family” ethos in promoting rugby for all.

Unfortunately the club has been hit hard by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to restrict our club’s income in many ways. The current regulations have meant we are unable to welcome supporters back to the Arena, which has seen us lose out on valuable ticketing and hospitality revenue. Our conferencing, functions and events operations have also been hugely affected.

This dramatic loss of revenue has had numerous implications for the club, and we’ve had to rely heavily on the government’s furlough scheme as well as make very difficult decisions around a restructure of our staff and players alike. We have been hugely grateful for the support of those members who have renewed their subscriptions early, and likewise to sponsors who have extended their support of the club. Along with the backing of our Minis & Juniors sections, their support has been vital in helping us through a hugely testing summer.

However, with the latest guidance placing further pressure on our revenue streams, we are now approaching all our supporters, members, players, coaches, staff, volunteers and the wider local community for support. We ask for your support in our #YourClub campaign to raise funds for the good of the whole club, from 1st XV through to minis & juniors and the club’s Community Scheme.

Your support will help us get through this difficult time and remain a prominent community club in the North East. The #YourClub scheme will help the club meet costs across the board, from medical provision through to maintenance of our training pitches and members CrossBar.

Where Will The Money Raised Be Spent?

Your support will help the club in the following areas:

Providing appropriate support and facilities for our players to continue training safely
Maintaining all of our pitches throughout the winter months.
Supporting the loss of match-day and arena income due to COVID-19, providing support to all areas of DMPRFC while we tackle the current crises
Improving floodlighting on training pitches and warm up areas to keep all of our players safe.
Maintaining our changing rooms and toilet facilities.
Improving and maintaining our members CrossBar.
Implementing measures to safely return to rugby from COVID-19 for all club players, coaches, staff, volunteers, members and supporters.

You can support the #YourClub campaign by clicking here


As a thank you to those who kindly donate to our #YourClub campaign, we are offering a variety of rewards for all pledges:

Entry into the #YourClub Prize Draw

Everyone who donates to our #YourClub fund will be automatically entered into our exclusive raffle draw, with prizes including international tickets, concert tickets, signed shirts, kit bundles, hotel stays, spa days, meals, and even track days!

Tickets to our #YourClub Match Day

Once supporters can safely return to the Arena for 1st XV and Sharks fixtures, the club will be organising a #YourClub match day, as an opportunity to say thank you to the brilliant people who help support our club. Everyone who donates will receive a pair of tickets to our #YourClub day.

Name on the 2021/22 DMP Home Shirt

As a thank your for your fantastic support, next season’s Macron home shirt will feature the names of everyone who has kindly donated to our #YourClub campaign. All of the names will be sublimated within the club’s trademark blue hoops, and will feature on both playing and replica shirts for the 2020/21 campaign.

Name on our #YourClub Wall of Fame

Next summer we’ll be installing a Wall of Fame to acknowledge everyone who has supported the club through such a tough time. The Wall of Fame will take pride of place in the members’ CrossBar for all to see, and will be unveiled at our first home game of the 2021/22 season.

You can support the #YourClub campaign by clicking here

On behalf of everyone at Darlington Mowden Park, we thank you for your generosity and support throughout this difficult time. We look forward to seeing you all at the Arena very soon!

#MowdenFamily #YourClub

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